Scholarship Application  Information

 Recognizing the importance of continuing to support each generation of future educators who will stand before our children, we actively work to create scholarship opportunities.  This scholarship program is specifically created for future educators of all content areas.  Applicants, in addition to demonstrating their ability to meet our academic requirements, are also asked to provide evidence of financial need.  Therefore, we require the following documents to be submitted with all application packets. 

1.  A copy of your academic transcript -provided by the school.
2. A headshot /photograph- clear and appropriate for publishing in our media.
3. Verification of your family's household income - W2 or tax statement. 
4.  At least 2 letters of recommendation - not from family members.
5.  Provide a list which details any honors,  awards, and community service activities. 
6.  A statement that details your educational and career plans/goals.
Please note:
Only complete application packets (files) submitted by the June 20 th deadline will be considered. 
Applicants are to create a google file titled with their name and graduation year.  Please add everyone who needs to provide information as a collaborator so they can upload your transcripts, letters, and income verification. 

Lastly, you must add as editor and send an email to the same address notifying us that your application package has been completed. 
 Thank you and good luck. 
Eta Chapter Scholarship Committee.

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 E- Learning Yard Signs  12" x 18" 

$10.00 Each 

Does not include shipping for customers outside the chapter's region please add an additional $10.00

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