Since its inception, the sorority has sought to foster a spirit of sisterhood among teachers, promote the highest ideals of the teaching profession and encourages our youth to attain higher levels of academic social and moral character.  We strive to provide experiences that educate and empower not only our members but the community in which we serve.   We are an active and working sorority committed to fulfilling our mission which is the Y. E. S.  Program. We are faithful to our Youth, lifelong learners passionately striving to improve Education and devoted to being of Service in our communities.


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Our Sorority Mission


.The K.O. T.s , Kappa  Omicron Tau  is  the college  guidance group for both males and females pursuing a career in education.   It is our goal to be a supportive   resource for these young adults. Because we understand the stresses and regulations of the education profession we seek to provide guidance and assist them so they may enter the field with more confidence and longevity.

HUB Parents/ Anthropos


 These are the auxiliary groups of the sorority. 

The Hub Parents is a parent support group for our Xinos and Kudos. All parents, grandparents and guardians of Xinos and Kudos are welcomed to join.  They combine their efforts be a support not only their high school students but also each other.  



The Anthropos – are the Men in Our Lives.  This is an organization comprised of the men who have chosen to show their dedication and support of our sisters by electing to become committed to the aims and goals of the sorority. They are our comfort, constant help and have our eternal gratitude

The Xinos is a guidance group for young ladies in grades 9 through 12.  We seek to provide these girls with positive role models and mentors that will encourage them towards high academic, moral and social values.  We expose the young ladies to culturally enriching experiences through participation in activities that foster high standards.

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The Kudos is a guidance group for young men in grades 9 through 12. It is our goal to help guide the development of these young men into becoming responsible men of high moral, academic and social characteristics.  We seek to provide these high school students with cultural experiences, mentors and positive role models who can lend structure and support in their transitions to manhood.

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The sorority gives scholarships for high school seniors who plan for a career in education. We give on three levels local, regional and national scholarships.  Each year a male and female are selected for a scholarship for each level from a pool of qualified applicants in accordance with established criteria.  For more information or application follow the link.